vrijdag 23 april 2010


Ok, i have an ring obsession.
I dont have the prettiest fingers for rings i know.But i just like them.
 I cant wear earrings cause my ears react weird on them. So i've started stretching them.
Im now on 3 mm.
And i dont really like necklaces. I'm just in love with the dinosaur and i only wear him.
Bracelets? Nuuuh My wrists are to wide for them. Damn i have issues.
 I also have problems with rings. I have chubby fingers. So i dont fit every ring.
 But its the only jewerly that i like to wear. So its the only jewerly i buy.
And so i bought this ring. It doesnt have a brand but i just bought it at a drugstore. I think A month ago. I know i'm very lazy when in comes to blogging.
It is also full with scartches.I wasnt really carefull with it.
But i still like it. It gives it more an edgy look.

zaterdag 17 april 2010


You may dont know but I went to Belarus for a week.
You know searching up your roots. And so i found this Sweater.
It's spring but whatever i wear it any way.
I reaaaally like this Sweater and i dont know why. It looks so old and ugly that it makes it pretty.
It's like an MC Eschers artpiece of wool.
I also bought i new ring. Yep again.
I've got to stop with my ring-hype.I cant help my self.
Butt im gonna post about the ring later.

woensdag 14 april 2010

I've got a necklace

You know, Im really not into childish jewerly.
I dont know why but this dinosaur stole my heart.
I always was a huge fanatic of them.
I still remember how fascinated i was after watching Jurassic Park.
I Love this thing. :)

Bought in russia

zondag 14 maart 2010


The last collection of Alexander McQueen.
Stunning as always.